Victory Home’s basic resident-care program lasts six to twelve months. Residents are generally brought in to form a small group that begins their curriculum together, attend classes together, and graduate together. In some cases, we will admit someone earlier and tend to their needs until their group is formed and their twenty-five week program begins, in which case they will be obligated to pay for additional days of supervision.

Victory Home residents live on our campus under strict supervision and spiritual guidance. Temporary separation from the influence of the “outside world” helps them redefine their priorities and focus on their issues.

The main focus of our curriculum is establishing a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ, who will deliver them from the bondage of alcohol and drug addiction. Our residents participate in spiritual growth and faith-building activities, including morning devotion, prayer, daily chapel services, curriculum classes, service to others, Bible study, small group discussion, individual counseling, and spiritual direction.

Believing that responsibility and service to others are essential character traits of godly men, all residents are assigned on-campus project work to maintain campus facilities and grounds, and to support the ministries of Victory Home. Men work in the kitchen, in the Thrift Store, on campus in the yards and gardens, housekeeping of buildings, and in the woodworking and automotive shops.

Physical fitness is encouraged at Victory Home. Residents have access to a weight room and exercise equipment. Hiking trails on campus provide routes for hiking or jogging.