Our Programs

Providing recovery programs that are designed to meet the needs of individuals at various stages of the recovery process.

Victory Home prides itself in keeping the price for our programs as low as possible. Because of generous donations and our local support churches, Victory Home is able to offer full and partial scholarships to those who lack financial resources.

The current fee schedule for our program is as follows:

Residential Program

Six-Month Program Cost Information

Intake Fee: $75

Monthly Fee: $475

*Financial assistance may be available.

In the program men constantly receive help in the form of education, counseling, and work training while they are living on Victory Home’s 38-acre campus. The men are exposed to biblical truth while on-campus and when visiting local support churches off-campus.

Chapel services and workstations are also part of the daily routine. Family therapy is a significant part of the recovery process for men in the intensive program. The men are allowed to make phone calls, and visitation privileges are gradually earned—75% of the men who enter the residential intensive program graduate.

Transitional Program

Program Cost Information

(Currently Unavailable)

Full Intake Fee: $500

Weekly Fee: $150

In certain cases men may be allowed to enter directly into the transitional program. Call for details.

In the transition program men continue to receive individual and group counseling/education in a structured environment. Additionally, each resident is employed off-campus and begins to utilize the life skills learned in the residential intensive program. The men also attend meetings off-campus, church services off-campus, and learn to employ time management skills they were taught in the intensive program.

The program will gradually transition the men to the point that they can be reintegrated as productive members of their families and communities. The men and their families will also continue to receive family therapy in the transition program. Focus is given to the restoration of the men into their families and productive job opportunities. The transition program will also last for an additional period of six months.